What Is Push Pay?
PushPay allows you to make safe and speedy smartphone payments. It is a free application you can download, register, and then pay any organization listed on PushPay. It is available from the App Store™ for Apple™ iOS and from Google Play for Android.
Is Push Pay Safe?
Yes. No credit card details are held on your phone. They are held on industrial grade servers where this information is encrypted. The security setup is the same as many banks and is PCI DSS compliant. PushPay is considered significantly more secure than many current offerings, including having a credit card physically present. 
What If I Lose My Phone?
If your phone is lost, even if you are logged into PushPay, no transactions can be made without your passcode. You can freeze your account by logging into Pushpay.com with your registered email and password and choosing the Freeze My Account option.
What If I Forget My Password?
You can reset your account password by going to the reset password.
Do I Get a Receipt?
Yes, you will receive an email immediately after giving. You can also view a list of transactions  you have made using PushPay. Login to see all the giving you have done via mobile app, website, and texting.

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