Why We Serve Globally
Why we want to be a community of hope for the world. As followers of Jesus, each one of us has experienced his overwhelming love, grace, and mercy. He has changed our lives forever and we can’t help but want others to know him, both here at home and around the world. So we aren’t really about causes or strategies. We are more about a person, Jesus Christ, who longs for every person to know him, love him, follow him, and worship him. As his people, we share his heart. Love drives us. 

So does worship. Jesus is the Creator, the King, the Savior, and the one true God. Real hope is in him alone. Therefore he deserves to be worshipped, has the right to be worshipped, and calls all people to worship him. So we worship him and want others to worship him. But this is more than just our desire. It is what God has commanded us to do. 

One of the last commands Jesus gave his disciples is what many call “The Great Commission.” In Matthew 28:18-20 he called us to make disciples of all nations. By “disciples” he means followers or apprentices—people that know him and are in the process of becoming like him. Where are these disciples to come from? He said, “all nations.” In this case, “nations” are not countries but people groups—those who share a common language and culture. We are called to be and bring the Good News to every person, every people group, in every corner of the world. 

This is why we do what we call “missions”. We send people from home, partner with others from around the world, and pray for opportunities to bring the life changing Good News about Jesus to groups who have never heard about Him, where the church has never been established, or where the church is small and in need of support. As a result of these efforts, our hope is that, as it says in Romans 16:26, “all nations might believe and obey him.”

How can you serve our missionaries?
The name "Barnabas" means "son of encouragement." How fitting for the man mentioned in the New Testament as both a missionary and key encourager for other missionaries such as Paul and John Mark. Like Paul and John Mark, missionaries of today need people behind them to pray, to take care of practical needs, to provide a word of encouragement, and to believe in them when others may have doubts. Over the past several years teams of encouragers, Barnabas Teams as we call them, have formed around those from CMBC who are serving overseas. They meet to pray, to send notes of encouragement, to remember special occasions such as birthdays, to make arrangements for home assignments, to handle stateside finances, and to serve as an advocate for “their” missionary.

If you would like to be part of a Barnabas Team, please contact the World Outreach Team.


Why we want to be a community of hope for our city.
God created the local church to be a community of Christ followers who not only grow in their relationship with him and love each other but also bring hope, even change to their city or neighborhood. The Good News about Jesus changes people, changes relationships, changes neighborhoods, and changes cities. On the one hand, our job is to proclaim the Good News about Jesus. On the other hand, we are to live out the Good News, both as individuals and as a community of believers. So we seek to love each other well; we also seek to be good neighbors and friends, work with our community to address issues such as injustice and poverty, and pursue opportunities to bless our city. Sometimes we are tempted to withdraw from the world and its myriad of problems. But the Good News compels us to go out into our world as messengers of hope and agents of change, working in relationship with others who do not yet know Christ, as living witnesses of God’s love and what he is able to do in us, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

What ministries serve our community?
Freedom Fellowship, The Jesus Table, Community Groups, Community Garden, Compassion Clinic, KidFest, RFKC, HIS Ministry, and more.


Click here for a list of our missionaries and partner ministries.


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